Parker 7321B/ 7322B Series Water Valves

Parker 7321B/7322B 2/2 pilot operated valves is the best solution anywhere a perfect control media such water, steam, and light oils is required.

Among the most valuable features you can fi nd in this product:

● Best performances for minimum and maximum operating pressure diff erential
● Exclusive diaphragm design for a Superior Flow Rate, higher than the competition valves with the same dimensional specs and fl at diaphragm
● One of the Fastest in electrical and hydraulic opening response time
● Modular concept: a wide range of electrical parts increases the versatility of this product
● Robust design: areas under mechanical stress have been studied and oversized
● Manual override control option: valve can be easily activated also when there’s no energy supply
● Stainless steel pilot for superior life endurance with special sealing
● Easy access to internal parts, to permit easy and quick maintenance

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