The V9 series represent a revolution in Graphical User Interfaces. A new concept, a new philosophy, through which every user can access the latest network technologies offered by global networking, without any specific knowledge. Thanks to its powerful connectivity the V9 series connects everything to everyone at everywhere.
The V9 series is the perfect industry partner in the era of the IIoT. And thanks to a wide range of functionalities, its lineup helps to establish the most efficient information system fulfilling the needs of automation and connectivity.
Every V9 unit is equipped with a built-in VPN router, which makes easy and safe the remote access to it and to every device connected to the HMI.

FEATURES – Network

Web Machine Interface

  • VPN Remote Access / Cloud Data Utilization Solution

The Web Machine Interface is a solution service that makes remote monitoring safe, easy, and inexpensive.
It consists of two services: “VPN Remote Access Service” which enables secure remote monitoring by VPN and “Cloud Data Utilization Service” which
can receive various types of data via a cloud server. By performing remote maintenance, it is possible to check for signs of abnormality in advance and
ensure proper maintenance of the machine. It also helps to reduce the number of sudden stoppages and implements preventive maintenance.

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