Yoshitake TD-10NA

TD-10NA Features
1.Bimetal solves air-binding problem and ensures a smooth discharge of cold condensate or air at the start of operation, enabling steam equipment to efficiently start to run.
2.The stainless steel valve disc and valve seat, which are subjected to special heat treatment, offers excellent durability.
3.The valve disc, valve seat and bimetal can be replaced on site without disconnecting the steam trap from the piping.
4.Easy maintenance and inspection due to simple structure: the valve disc is only movable part.
5.Compact, lightweight and inexpensive. Applicable in wide working pressure range and adjustment-free.
6.Installable in any direction and easy to plumb.
7.Free of improper operation and steam leakage due to air insulation
8.Built-in strainer eliminates requirement for strainer before the product.
9.Large discharge capacity.

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